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Color-coated steel sandwich panel adhesives (white glue) technology

PU-22 glue (white glue), mainly for stainless steel plates, two painted two baked galvanized coated steel, and coated with a baked galvanized prepainted steel sheet equivalent to EPS foam core bonded between.

The adhesive used in the color-coated steel sandwich panel production Lottery coated sheet and EPS foam adhesive. Mechanical manual operation can be, two-component 1:1 mix works best. Color steel composite Board adhesive operation convenient, bonded strength high, and similar products compared, we products not added any like chloride paraffin like damage stick received interface lossy bond strength of fill agent, but used science of pre poly modified surname process, get best molecular volume and the faculties degrees of modified surname pre poly body, makes glue early viscous better, adaptability more strong, bond more firm, bond area also more big, sent bubble more appropriate, in bubble in the penetration sex strong, sandwich Board of strength more high, curing Hou rubber layer molecular structure stable, easily aging, Temperature resistance is better than EPS material and excellent low temperature resistance, high temperature at 120 degrees will not come unglued, composite sheet of plastic used is greater than 15.

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