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Color steel plate of the construction industry in the future demand trend

Color steel plate refers to the color-coated sheet steel, prepainted steel sheet is a kind of organic coated steel sheet, with good corrosion resistance, color and appearance, processing convenience and advantages of steel intensity of the original low-cost and so on. Tianjin steel manufacturers of steel plate base plate base plate, hot dipped galvanized substrates have galvanized substrates. Coating type can be divided into polyester, Silicon modified polyester, poly vinylidene fluoride and plastisol. Color coated steel sheet can be divided into the coating on the surface of plates, embossing plates and printing plates, color-coated plate are widely used in construction of home appliances and transportation industry, building owners for steel plants, airports, warehouses and refrigeration, industrial and commercial roofing walls and doors of the building, civil construction uses less color plates.

Community on the color plate surface and shape, size and higher, including indoor and outdoor special steel coils, aluminium coils, zinc alloy hot dip galvanized coil. Tianjin steel manufacturers in the continuous improvement of preprocessing the stability, corrosion resistance, environmental performance. Using less quantity, low cost, equipment is better than before, using new welding machine, the new roller coating machines and perfect curing furnace, equipped with advanced automation and so on. Focusing on the development of new paint, good color, and UV resistance, resistance to sulfur dioxide, improving corrosion resistance of development features such as pollution, heat-resistant coatings.

Color steel plate cold embossing and hot-pressed flowers, the former than the latter cost is low, with beautiful depth, high strength characteristics, development trends in the industry very well, can be used for public use of plants, prefabricated houses and the walls and roofs of large public buildings, easy, beautiful, fast and strong.

Color steel plate due to its style, functionality, and appearance grade, by the major companies like, so that in the construction industry of the future will be more and more common, which is itself in the building materials market, color plates will also be selling building materials.

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TEL: +86-10-69599735  E-mail: sales@bjliqun.com