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Composite Board products new energy-saving environmental protection building materials

Product features:

(1) small coefficient of thermal conductivity, excellent thermal insulation properties. Thermal conductivity only 0.028W/M.K XPS insulation Board, with excellent thermal insulation properties, in five years ' time, it can still maintain its thermal conductivity thermal insulation effectiveness within 180 days of the start of the 90~95%. As time grew, its thermal conductivity only slight impact.

(2) high compressive strength. The product can withstand the ground load, XPS boards in different sizes and thickness of its compressive strength of more than 150~500KPA, even when it is soaked in water, compressive strength was almost unchanged.

(3) low water absorption, good moisture resistance. The product has a strong closed-pore honeycomb structure, honeycomb structure of interconnected walls have a consistent thickness, no space between the cell and its excellent water resistance, good resistance to moisture effect.

(4) stable performance, not age.

(5) the light texture, easy handling, construction convenience.

Composite adhesive is extruded foam insulation boards cut to size by special adhesives and metal panels bonded together, these two different materials work together to meet certain functional requirements. As a kind of new environmental protection and energy saving building materials, the products used in residential and commercial buildings, industrial plants, as well as major construction projects and other areas.

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TEL: +86-10-69599735  E-mail: sales@bjliqun.com