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Development prospect of color steel plate at home and abroad

Last century, China started construction of color steel plate in the late 80 units, these units build more steel plants and joint ventures, color-coated steel plate processing equipment imported from abroad. By 2000 China-made color steel plate of 1.73 million tons, there was excess capacity. State-owned large iron and steel company Baosteel, ansteel, Shougang, Tangshan steel, Jinan iron and steel, Kunming steel, Handan iron and steel, Wuhan iron and steel, panzhihua iron and steel enterprises unit capacity, high equipment levels, have been built using foreign technology, annual production capacity of 120,000 ~17 tons of color steel unit.

Meanwhile, many private enterprises investing in color steel plate production they use home equipment, capacity is small, but started fast, low investment, mainly for building materials, decoration. In addition, foreign-owned land to build color coating line, but are mostly concentrated in coastal areas. Since 1999, along with the color-coated plate market thriving, color steel plate production and consumption has entered a period of rapid growth. From 2000-2004, production increased at an average rate of 39%. By 2005, the national color-coated plate production capacity is more than 8 million tons per year, there are a number of color coating line was under construction, the national total capacity of more than 9 million tons per year.

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TEL: +86-10-69599735  E-mail: sales@bjliqun.com