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EPS sandwich panel advantanges

The EPS sandwich panel advanges:

1.       The weight of EPS sandwich panel is very light. Our Country adopt capacity is 18-22kg/m3, Europe adopt capacity 15kg/m3

2.       Because of EPS sandwich panel’s low thermal conductivity, and it is filled with a porous structure, which prevents the air from spreading.

3.       EPS sandwich panel’s 98% space is filled with air, the ability to change and respond to the impact of the shape of the external impact of the buffter.

4.       EPS sandwich panel has low water absorption. Studies have shown that humidity affects that thermal and mechanical properties of the material, and the material of EPS sandwich panel helps to maintain these properties.

5.       The EPS sandwich panel can be recycled and used.  The extent of its recovery is the highest in the plastic

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