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Popular trend in color steel plate

The high pace of development of the society made people's lives has picked up speed, people began to pursue high efficiency and a high quality of life, in the building, also housing activity as came into being, activity room is a light steel-frame, sandwich panels exterior materials, is very convenient for Assembly and disassembly of the new environmentally-friendly houses. Housing activity is also very many kinds of container type color steel activities room is one of a kind. It uses the light steel structure system, walls covered with composite EPS insulated wall panels. All panels and accessories folding Pack, and easy to install, suitable for long-distance large transport and export shipping, to praise by users.

Now living in the building like this more and more, more and more cities such a container House, or similar events, because this kind of activity has a simple and convenient features. At the right price can be easily accommodated. Recently popular egg-shaped House. Smart House, is one of the representatives, activities room and walk into people's vision, and on the selection of an architectural award. A design house for workers also jumped into the members of the judging eye, various sectors of our society is slowly accepting this new thing, and with the progress of society, believe that situations like this will be more

Color steel plate housing activity has now become an indispensable residential facilities, becoming more and more popular among the various industry sectors, and such a low carbon and environmental protection activities will also be recognized by all aspects, providing more convenience for people's lives.

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TEL: +86-10-69599735  E-mail: sales@bjliqun.com