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Sandwich panels can shorten the period of retaining plate installed

Sandwich panel adhesives for roof insulation, thermal insulation material, during manufacture, installation, use, maintenance and prevention of leakage has the following advantages:

1. advanced technology: use automatic continuous production equipment, the major components are computer-controlled, production quality to meet the national standard.

2. light weight: extruded polystyrene Board weight 34~38 kg per square meter. Good heat insulation performance: thermal conductivity coefficient λ = 0.028 kcal/MI·Shi and degree.

3. good rigidity: because of the extruded polystyrene core after forming as a whole, through heating, pressurizing, ibid, lower surface of steel plate bonding. After forming sandwich panels, has a very good overall coupled surface waves on the roof, its stiffness is better than other similar materials. Sandwich panel connector and the purlins are fixed after the adoption, considerably improved roofing, wall stiffness, strengthen the overall performance of the roofs, walls.

4. fixed method is solid and reasonable: extruded polystyrene Board using special M6.3 self tapping screws and the purlins are fixed, self tapping screws set in the peak position of the upper surface of the roof, to avoid water weakness. While self tapping screws with special structural requirements, such as construction of screw itself increases thread, stamped with the protective plastic cap from the nuts such as to eliminate leaks.

5. fastening and reasonable:

Extruded polystyrene roof buckles connected, avoiding the pitfalls of roof leaks, save spare parts consumption. ]

6. shorter installation cycle: extruded polystyrene Board, as no secondary processing, not only to keep surroundings clean, does not affect the normal progress of other processes, and to shorten the installation time retaining plate. Daily average of extruded polystyrene roof panels installed area of 600~800M2.

7. scratch-proof protection: products in the production of extruded polystyrene sandwich panels, surface bonded polyethylene adhesive protective film in order to avoid during transportation and installation of steel sheet surface coating or wear.

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