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thermal break aluminium window

One advantage:

The thermal break aluminium windows with excellent thermal insulation properties. It will be indoor and outdoor is divided into two relatively independent parts, thermal break aluminium profiles to the bridge is the effect of regulating room temperature. In winter, the indoor temperature is higher than that of outdoor thermal break aluminium section has a good air tightness, 

can prevent heat loss; summer heat insulation can prevent the outdoor hot air bridge profiles to the interior flow, so as to avoid the increase of temperature, 

play a regulatory role at room temperature. At the same time, greatly reducing the loss of energy, to play the effect of energy saving.

Advantages two:

The thermal break aluminium windows have a role. Thermal break aluminium profiles with high strength, strong durability, not because the wind is too large due to the damaged doors and windows with excellent performance, which is its embodiment. High level users can use a large number of lighting, and can prevent the dust into the room, keep the room clean and tidy.

Advantages three:

Has a super sound insulation effect. The themal break aluminum doors and windows through material selection and meticulous design, excellent air tightness, can spread the noise barrier. People in the room, not because of the outdoor noise and feel upset, more suitable for large population density, large flow of people in the area to use.

Advantages four:

The aluminum doors and windows of the rich colors of many styles, with a strong decorative function. Consumers can choose their favorite color and style, to beautify their living environment; the profile of high durability, so the aluminum doors and windows can achieve durable effect.

Advantages five:

The thermal break aluminum doors and windows have environmental protection function. We can see, the thermal break aluminum windows, we do not have to spray pesticides to kill mosquitoes, so you can play the role of protect the environment; the aluminum doors and windows, we don't have to open the air conditioning room temperature often, to low carbon life effect; 

a broken bridge aluminum doors and windows, the indoor lighting will be greatly enhanced, will reduce the lighting time to open the light, this is a practice of environmental protection.

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TEL: +86-10-69599735  E-mail: sales@bjliqun.com