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Development Of Thermal Insulation Material In China

Thermal insulating materials and products is the building energy efficiency an important factor. Development and application of building insulation materials widely all over the world pay more attention to. In the 1970 of the 20th century, the foreign attention to insulation material production and application in construction, and strive to substantially reduce energy consumption, so as to reduce environmental pollution and global warming. Insulation material industry abroad has had a long history of thermal insulating materials for building energy efficiency constitute the vast majority of new insulation materials are continually emerging.

1980 yiqian, China insulation material of development is slow, but China insulation material industrial after more than 30 years of efforts, especially after near 20 years of high-speed development, many products from scratch, from single to diversification, quality from low to high, has formed take expansion Pearl rock, and mineral cotton, and glass cotton, and foam, and refractory fiber, and silicate calcium adiabatic products, mainly of varieties compared complete of industry.

2006 1 December, China imported mineral wool; expanded mineral materials insulating or soundproofing materials products is 13,110,148.0 kilograms, use 29,396,269.00 dollars; 2006 1 in December, China's exports of mineral cotton; expanded mineral materials insulating or soundproofing materials products is 323,873,323.0 kilograms, use 141,929,418.00 US dollars.

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TEL: +86-10-69599735  E-mail: sales@bjliqun.com