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EPS Annual Meeting 2015 China Gearing Up Preparations

Recently, the EPS specializes in 2015 annual meeting of the Preparatory Conference convened by the Commission, Mr. Hou shuting Director Chair. EPS annual meeting identified in November 2015 2015 China 26-28th, held in Tianjin. The meeting coincides with the EPS year of the general election of the Chairman, Special Committee attaches special summer, preparations early, early implementation, ensure that the meeting opened successfully, the atmosphere, full of confidence and positive energy.

It is reported that since since early October, 2015 annual meeting of all the preparatory work was in full swing, ready to include expert reports prepared, the election process, the new session of the Member, and the Member candidates, and so on. Companies are most concerned about the annual meeting exhibit hall layout, has also been initiated, compared to the previous annual session, this year's annual meeting exhibitors more distinctive, in terms of time, extended to two days, exhibition arrangement joined the Internet "+" elements, participating companies will reach more than 300 companies.

2015 notice of meeting, exhibition notice passed EPS Board app platform, the IPCC website, EPS Mall Web site, QQ Group channel, since yesterday, advice and ordered the meeting hall telephone from around the country, successive scoring the preparatory group. Preparatory Group focus has poured into intelligence and energy and go all out for conference services, and strive to be in 2015 will feast of extraordinary wealth into the EPS industry.

For the annual meeting, many business people looking forward to, and encouraged to register, to the present, from Shenyang, Shenyang have Yong Sheng weiye building materials technology limited, Jilin province enterprise registration opens, locks in advance 2015EPS industry event.

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