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The Busiest Port In China And Russia, "foam" Export Demand

With polystyrene in China added na method for export commodities, plus Russia infrastructural situation, polystyrene (commonly known as "foam") Russia welcomed in the building materials market, at present, the port exported to 987.5 tons of polystyrene.

According to the Bureau of entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau in heihe, Heilongjiang province, staff, in early 2014, China's entry and exit inspection and quarantine catalogue polystyrene added na method for export goods. In recent years Russia building market heats up, need a lot of building materials. As Russia high geographic latitude, cold climate, the winters, insulation, waterproof high performance expanded polystyrene Board, strong demand for building materials. Chinese-made "foam" in Russia is very popular in the construction industry.

At the end of October, as the busiest port in China and Russia in heihe port inspection polystyrene 987.5 tons, value $ 1.7878 million.

Ports in Heilongjiang heihe River basin and the Russia city transport from the nearest and highest efficiency of customs clearance port, with annual imports of 1.5 million tons, 3 million passenger clearance capacity of international travellers, has now been completed and opened, Heilongjiang suspension solid ice box cargo and passenger routes, seasons clearance can be achieved in heihe River.

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TEL: +86-10-69599735  E-mail: sales@bjliqun.com