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Prefabricated Steel Frame Steel Structure H

Speciation: u Material: Steel u Color: as your required or as RAL color u Technique: Hot Rolled u Grade: Q235 / Q345 u Length: 12m u Thickness: 6-35mm u Web Width: 100mm-700mm u Flange Width: 100-408mm u Web Thickness: 6-16mm u Flange Thickness: 8mm - 64mm u Application: Building Advantage: u...

  Product Details


u  Material: Steel

u  Color: as your required or as RAL color

u  Technique: Hot Rolled

u  Grade: Q235 / Q345

u  Length:  12m

u  Thickness: 6-35mm

u  Web Width: 100mm-700mm

u  Flange Width: 100-408mm

u  Web Thickness: 6-16mm

u  Flange Thickness: 8mm - 64mm

u  Application: Building


u  High structural strength. Compared with the beam, a large section modulus, in carrying conditions are the same, can save 10-15% of the metal.

u  Design flexibility and rich. Under the same circumstances high beam, steel bay bays than 50% concrete structure, so that the building layout more flexible.

u  Light weight structure. Light weight compared with the concrete structure, reduced structural weight, reduce the structural design of the internal forces, can the building structure foundation treatment requirements low, simple construction, lower cost.

u  Hot-rolled H-beam steel-based, scientific and rational structure, plasticity and flexibility, high structural stability, applicable to withstand vibration and shock loading large building structures, and strong resistance to natural disasters, especially for some of the structures more earthquake zone. According to statistics, more than occurred in the world, seven devastating earthquake disaster to the main H-beam steel building minimally injured.

u  Add structure effective use of space. Compared with the concrete structure, steel column cross-sectional area is small, thereby increasing the effective use of building space, depending on the form of the building, can increase the effective use of an area of 4-6%.

u  Compared with H-beam welding, can obviously cut corners to reduce raw materials, energy and labor consumption, low residual stress, good appearance and surface quality.

u  Ease of machining, structural connection and installation, but also easy to dismantle and reuse.

u  H beam can effectively protect the environment, specifically in three areas: First, compared with concrete, can be dry-type construction, noise generated less dust; the second is due to reduce weight, foundation construction borrow less, Small destruction of land resources, in addition to a significant reduction in the amount of concrete, reducing the amount of stone dug mountains is conducive to the protection of the ecological environment; third is to expire after the life of the building structure, after the structure removal, resulting in a small amount of solid waste, recycling scrap value high.

u  High hot-rolled H-beam steel-based industrial production level, easy to manufacture, intensive production, high precision, easy to install, easy to guarantee the quality, you can build a real house production factories, bridges production plants, industrial plants production plant Wait. Development of steel, and led to the creation of hundreds of new industries.

u  Construction speed, small footprint, and is suitable for all-weather construction, subject to weather conditions little effect. Construction speed hot-rolled H-beam steel production is about 2-3 times the speed of construction of the concrete structure, capital turnover doubled, lower financial costs, thereby saving investment.

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