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2016 Fashion Aluminum Casement Windows

Speciation: u Material: aluminum frame + normal glass aluminum frame + low E glass u Color: Champagne, brown, bronze, white, silver, wood grain, RAL color. u Wind resistance: 3000Pa u Size: customizable u Opening type: casement u Packaging details: shipping standard u MOQ: 5 pieces u Window...

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u  Material: aluminum frame + normal glass

aluminum frame + low E glass

u  Color: Champagne, brown, bronze,   white, silver, wood grain, RAL color.

u  Wind resistance: 3000Pa

u  Size: customizable

u  Opening type: casement

u  Packaging details: shipping standard

u  MOQ: 5 pieces

u  Window Glass Option: Clear, tinted,   Low-E, tempered, insulated, reflective, frosted, fireproof, laminated,   fireproof, smart glass etc.

u  Applications: Office, apartment, villa,   basement, garden, hotel, hospital, house




u  For in inverted position is a casement window and open the way to make room for nature with natural circulation of air, indoor air fresh, but ruled out the possibility of rain water into the room. Fresh air is no doubt for people to create a comfortable living environment.


u  Various functions are arranged around the linkage sash hardware and handle in indoor operation, surrounded by closed sash are fixed on the window frame, and therefore an excellent safety and anti-theft performance.

Easy to clean windows

u  Simple operation, can go outside sash interior. It makes cleaning the windows of the outer surface of both convenient and secure.


u  Avoiding the occupation of interior space within the window open, convenient hanging curtains and clothes rail mounted lift.

Sealing good insulation properties

u  Multi-point locking through the sash around to ensure that the doors and windows sealed, insulation effect.

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